Monday, February 3, 2014

My Future Ex Boyfriend: Tom Scavo from Desperate Housewives

     i just finished watching every episode of Desperate Housewives.  When it was on the air I only made it to the middle of season 7.  Yeah the last episode did make me cry...  I not sure I like season 8.  It was a bit much for me.  Either way I will always love Tom!  Lynnette is kinda a bitch and he totally puts up with her.  Love that.  

How we would meet:  I would work in the accounting department of the company he is the CEO of.  (do they tell us the name?)  We would meet on his first day, but since he is still with Lynnette and not a jerk, our love would have to wait.  
Our first date:  Once he is separated from Lynnette he would realize I am the one for him.  We could get stuck in an elevator at a work party.  Since I had been drinking I would profess my love, thinking he was divorcing and not separated, cause I am not a total whore.  He would hold my hand, our eyes would meet and that would be that. 
Why we would be in love:  I am fun.  I dont care if he advances his career, he is the CEO after all.  I wouldnt be bossy of controlling.  I would let him be him.  Would eat lunch together everyday, picnics sometimes, remember I am fun.  Plus we are both hot!
Our break-up:  In the end he would go back to Lynnette.  He has been with her for 23 years after all and they have 5 kids.  He would think of me anytime Lynnette gets too bossy, which is often...

Episodes of American Horror Story:  Only 3 since yesterday!  Who is proud?  So I figured out why I didnt like it, I only watched 10 minutes of the pilot, just like Walking Dead!  I need to give these shows more time!  Oops...
Excitement for the return of the Walking Dead:  Speaking of the Walking Dead...  10!!!  This was the first time I had to wait for new episodes.  I dont like it.  It will be great to see Daryl again!  
Oddity of the day:  Snow!  Didnt see that coming!  

heart you

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