Monday, May 5, 2014

Goals: I Want to be Self Sufficient

     i have wanted to live on a homestead ever since I read the Little House books.  I loved the idea of working for ever single thing you had.  I always thought I got lost in the mail and was born later then I should have been.  Dont get me wrong I heart the wonderful tech stuff I get today, but I crave a simpler time.  Lucky for me, now days you can have both!  I thought I would share some thoughts I have on how I would like to live a self sufficient life.  

Ever since I heard about Earthships I knew I wanted to live in one.  They are made of old tires and bottles.  Things that might rot in a landfill otherwise.  They catch water, have gardens inside, keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer while using little electricity.  Plus they are beautiful and totally customisable cause you design and can build them yourself.  I would need help.  Not sure I could pound dirt into 750 tires...  This video is a great walk through.  With the solar power you can add on a vertical axis wind power generator.  Beautiful and beneficial.  

So now that I have a eco/green and best of all utility bill free house what will I eat?  I love gardening.  I think food from your just garden tastes better.  Being paleoish (97%) I could get a lot of mileage out of a large scale garden and green house.  I could do lots of canning and freezing to get me through the winter.  The house I live in now has a bad set up for much food gardening.  The front yard gets the most sun but the neighborhood wont let you plant veggies.  Dumb.

To make life even cooler having an orchard would be amazing.  I would love to grow enough apples to keep myself stocked in hard cider.  Also I am a picky apple eater, but I have never tried an-apple-right-from-the-tree that I didnt like.  I was watching OPB last night and saw the Home Orchard Society trying to save some rare apple trees with grafting and really feel in love with the idea of having lots of trees.  Plus they would clean the air!
I love the farm this image is from, they have one of my favorite instagram accounts!  I eat a lot of eggs.  Like a lot.  I have trouble with most white eggs.  I can totally taste the difference...  I would love to have chickens for eggs.  I am not sure I could kill them myself, I am sure I will love my pet chickens, but I think once in my life I need to.  If I am going to continue to eat them.  This video could help, ps she is super cute!  I found this video when I was giving up being a vegan.  
Lets take a moment and enjoy how freaking cute these baby goats are!  Dying!  I have always wanted goats.  They were my fave animal when I worked at the farm.  I am sure with all the land I will have I will need them to eat blackberry plants.  Maybe eat them?  More like in a emergency zombie apocalypse situation.

With all this work I will be doing I will need a pool!  This one is natural and the plants work as filtration.  This video really explains a lot about them.  

This article is what my dreams are made of.  I would love to have a large piece of land to work with.  I love that you could make it all work with just one acre.

Sunset Magazine and their articles on One-Block Feast did fuel my obsession.  I have not read the book but would really like to.  
Let me be clear, I dont want to give up all modern convenience.  I have no desire to beat my clothing against a rock and I love nail polish, but to have these things in a quieter environment is the life for me!

Do you want to live a simpler life?  Or do you love everything modern?

heart you

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  1. I want it both ways! Wifi, a fridge and a washing machine are a must, but I'd also love to grow food, can and raise animals (for eggs and the cuteness factor)!



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