Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sea You Next Tuesday: The Lonely Little Pinecone

     well I tried another stop motion. This one was more fun to make but also more difficult.  I went to the park by my house and just used what I found.  This was the fun part.  The difficult part was the wind and clouds.  The light changed and the wind was moving everything around.  In the end I still think it turned out fine.  I also learned that I need more pictures.  This one has about 70 and it is only 38 seconds long.  I have a whole list of ideas for other videos I want to make so this just might be a trend!

heart you


  1. My kids used to spend hours making Lego stop-motion movies when they were little. I just got a new camera, and this makes me want to go outside and do some serious procrastinating of my own.

  2. Very cute lil story, there was something very joyful about the 2 pinecones spinning together like they were holding hands and happy to see each other!

  3. This was all sorts of adorable. Best use of a pine cone(s) I've seen since...ever.



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