Friday, May 9, 2014

Portland Bloggers Photography Workshop

     last Sunday I attended the Portland Bloggers Photography Workshop With Melissa and Rachel.  The event was hosted by Favery and Elli.  We split into two groups, one for portraits and one for close up.  I picked portraits.   Margaret was in charge of us.  Here are just a few of the shots I took.

We each took a turn modeling.  It was kind of awkward but not as terrible as you would think.  Anyone with pictures of me, I would love to see them!  My favorite images were the ones where people were laughing or not really posing yet.  A lot more natural.  I really need to get out there with my, new and not broken, tripod and timer and see how I look good.
I got one picture of me wearing a great necklace, Dannijo Emoji Bib, I borrowed from Favery.  They had some really pretty jewelry for us to style!

I  also loved watching the other bloggers taking pictures.  

A few things I learned:
  1. I need a better camera.  I was using my iPhone...  I have wanted a nice DSLR camera for a while but this sealed the deal.  
  2. Model in front of a mirror.  I have heard this before, but I am really going to try now.  What do I do with my hands?
  3. We all started somewhere.  There is no where to got but up.
  4. Be careful with props.
  5. Take more pictures
  6. Follow your instincts, what you like.
  7. Embrace movement.
  8. When taking pictures of food, move it around.  Sometimes the floor can be a great background.
  9. Apps to use Camera Plus, Snapseed, Rookie, ProCamera and I already love Afterlight
  10. And last but not least, Creative Live.  I was on there all day in a workshop...  This might be the best or worst thing to ever happen to me...  I did get a lot done reorganizing my room while I watched.  

So big thanks to Portland Bloggers for another great event!  Thanks Favery and Elli for hosting.  Last but not least the panel and our teachers for the day, Margaret, Linnea and Aubrie!

heart you


  1. This is a great recap! I need to remember to practice in front of a mirror too- really, what to do with the hands?!

  2. Glad you learned lots at the workshop!! That's a great list! I've gotten so much use out of my first and now second DSLRs, Canon, used, very good price on Amazon and eBay. Plus a 50mm lens. I find moving my arms/hands to one hip or the other, then both, then down to the side as if I'm walking, and some combination of those poses works well. That necklace looked so great with your dress!

  3. Looks fun! I like your portrait of Marget! :)

  4. I like your third tip. So encouraging! You can take good photos no matter what camera you're using, even if it's in your phone.

  5. It's true that candid shots of people are usually the ones I like, but those are also ones where I get weird faces. I guess that's why you also snap a lot!

  6. These tips you took from the workshop are great! Also sometimes you can find great used cameras!



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