Friday, December 16, 2011

Opp Failing Part 2

I not sure this was a good idea.  I should have waited till after the new year started. That does seem a bit cliche, new life goals with a new year sillyness...  I am going to try to keep at least keep posting.  I have many thoughts on how I am going to make next years holidays easier, like finish shopping in the summer!  Bruder and I took a picture for Xmas cards, but buy 50 is too many.  Its a pretty great picture of us with the dog.  Poor dog...  I will post a picture at some point.

Blogging on 4 hours of sleep after getting up at 5:15 plus two tiny wines isnt a good idea.

New favorite episodes of the Simpsons:  one.  I love future episodes!
Holiday parties attended:  one
Holidays left to attend:  five

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