Thursday, February 2, 2012

024: Last Week in Pictures

At trivia we got a bingo and only missed 4!  We are the smart, but didnt win money cause we are bad a betting.  Oh well...

Drawing I did of the theme.  The flash faded it...

Tower at work

My half eaten veg from our Fancy Night.  I was too hungry to take a picture sooner.  Fondue is a lot of work!

Veg cooking.  I was still hungry and was tempted to eat the cooking broth.  Good think my friends had left over bread.

Cleaned plates and my egg timer.
I love my purple dress!  Too bad I didnt get a picture of just me...

ahMazing mushrooms with onions on egg noodles (not vegan, but they were tasty!).  I will have to write down the recipe soon and post it.  Best ever!

My club soda at the country bar.  I was fancy with a lemon AND a lime!

Random green shopping trip.  I laugh when I noticed and weirded out the woman in front of me.  When I explained she laughed too.  Good thing...  Ps the avocados were perfect!

My new moose friend from Costco.  He was so soft and cuddly.  Much softer than the real moose I got to touch in Alaska!  Too bad I dont have anywhere to keep him..

I have been making wraps like they are going out of style!  This one is avocado with roasted veg, lettuce green onions and cilantro.

This one is homemade hummus with roasted veg, lettuce green onions and cilantro.

Love of weather:  95%  It was sooo sunny today but still cold. I think Phil was wrong...
Projects left undone at work:  5!  Yikes I was busy today!  When you call places with questions, just get to the point, I dont need to know WHY you lost your receipt, I just need your email so I can send you a new one!  
Create:  A 3 stranded bracelet that I didnt end up liking.  I will try again tomorrow.

How was your week?  I wish I had posted more... Oh well!

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