Friday, February 3, 2012

025: Pesto and the Price of Veggies

After work my parents and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  My Mom had a coupon.  I used to really love Sweet Tomatoes, but it is defiantly a better place to eat for vegetarians, not vegans.  Granted I am only 97% vegan these days (we will save that for another post), but almost every thing has dairy!  All of the soups had cream, and I did try that barley split pea that was mighty tasty.  I had never had split pea before.  It always grossed me out...

When I got home I cleaned my room for awhile.  I found some cash and a few books I hadnt seen in awhile.    Score!  One of the books was The Urban Vegan, not one I have read cover to cover but I did flip through it and found a recipe for spinach pesto.  I just bought a ton of fresh spinach so I figured I would give it a go.  It was tasty, only 6 cloves of garlic to 3 cups of spinach was too much!  I ended up using 9 cups of spinach and more nuts.  Guess what I put it on for lunch tomorrow...  Thats right, a wrap!  Cant wait!

I was texting with someone the other day and he told he he counldnt afford being a vegan.  This news shocked me.  I feel like I save money, yeah sometimes I splurge on fancy veg or an amazing frozen pizza from Amy's but beans, veg and rice are pretty cheap.  This made me start thinking about how much money I am spending on food.  So I have decided to figure out how much I spend on an average day and week.  Anyone care to guess?

Last time I had Thai food:  I know its been over a week, but I dont remember exactly.  Scary...
People I hadnt seen in a long time:  7.  Most were at work.  Awesome!
Level of excitement for one of my favorite lady's birthday parties tomorrow:  90%  I just hope they dont make me sing karaoke...  Much.  :)
Create:  Winter Spinach Pesto+much more spinach! 

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