Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Party Fun

The weather has been beautiful these days. Blue sky and sun.  Makes me daydream of camping and gardens...  Soon..
 Last night I went out for my friends birthday party.  I got to sing karaoke with the birthday girl.  Conveniently I was unaware we were singing till right before...  I do love rock and roll.

We are so pretty.

Magnetic nails.  Fancy.

 Melissa always has the best favors, there were bubbles and yo-yos too!
Plus I won $50!  It was the second time I played on my own.  Oh yeah!

When grocery shopping I found a very beat up Great White Shark that was on super clearance.  I felt so bad for him that I knew I had to bring him home!  He was very hard to photograph...

Create:  None...  But I did start reorganizing my closet.  Counts for something.

How was your weekend?

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