Sunday, March 4, 2012

Recap: Wine Tasting Tour

      yesterday I went on a wine tasting tour with some of my friends!  Here are some photos of the day.  Very photo heavy!

legs in in the limo, yeah we are all on our phones...

Hip Chicks Do Wine

Fox Farm
The Truffle "Hunter" was great!

White Rose Winery

Karson Vineyard

White Rose's bathroon


I escaped!

White Rose the view

tried to take a picture of myself in the limo mirror... 

Wheat grass, Day 2 on dirt.

Wines tasted:  21, 2 sake and a bubbly berry thing.
Food eaten:  Eggs and toast, grapes, rice cake crackers, carrots, Amy's rice bowl.  Not enough!
People waved at from limo:  like 5 then my hand got cold...
Other highlights:  I got to see my friend in her wedding dress!  Gorgeous!  I also got to cuddle a sweet baby girl!  Good job Lindsey and Johnny!
Create:  Well I didnt puke so thats good!  :)

Whats your favorite wine?

Sincerely yours

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