Monday, March 25, 2013

Earworm: I'm Not That Girl - Wicked

i went to see the Oz the Great and Powerful recently with my mother and my dear friend Jordan (Yordan...).  Mind you my mother hasn't been to a movie in the theaters in over a year and half.  I bought her popcorn and soda to celebrate.  We made many jokes about how she "doesnt get out much".  Anyway I really liked the movie!  I dont mind James Franco, he needed to be a smirky con man to make it work.  I hear he is on the verge of being very Jim Carreyish and I hope he can be saved.  Michelle Williams was great in a so-sweet-you-get-a-toothache way, but I am mildly biased.  I have always thought she was cute as a button.  Most of the beginning would be pretty lame without the 3D glasses.  I could have lived without the flying monkeys zipping out at you.  At one point my mother even said "yikes!" pretty loud.  The kid next to us laughed so hard he almost fell out of his seat.  So what does all the this have to do with Wicked?  Well I will tell you!  I couldnt stop thinking of songs from the musical!  I like the crazy, twisted version of the wicked witch better from the book but the songs from the musical are some of my favorite!  It is in my top 5 musical, after Gypsy and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.  Yeah I like singing strippers and hookers, so what?  Get over it.

I think I relate a little too much with Elphie when it comes go guys.  I will always see myself as the funny fat friend of the pretty girls.  

Mind blowing moment:  My fave raw foodie goes paleo?  At least eating meat!!!  boom...
POF date:  one.  eh.
Missed Hobbit opportunities:  Three.  I may not get to see it in the theaters...
Miles:  19/90  (20 if I get off my lazy ass...)
Birds:  12/100

If you want a real review of the movie see what Warren and Melissa have to say.

heart you

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