Monday, March 18, 2013

Needles Are Fun!

three weeks ago I started getting acupuncture.  I have always wanted to try it and when I saw a Groupon for the Metis (in the video they show the fire room where I hang out most, it has the two chairs and red curtains) clinic I figured, why not.  Its was slightly terrifying   Not because of the needles, but more the not moving for an hour.  I have some trouble with sleep, well that seems like an understatement ..  Sleep hates me and I have trouble relaxing.  This is also a reason why I am so pale.  I have no patience to lay in the sun in a position long enough to get a tan...  I have a problem with stillness.  My mind is never still so I need to keep moving or distracted so I dont have to think, or over think ..  When I was there for my first appointment I expressed my concerns for the stillness and she said she could check on in 20 mins and I could be done then.  This was very helpful, the fear of an hour of forced relaxation was gone.  It is still mildly awkward to lay in a dark room with your sleeves and pant legs rolled up, stuck with needles, 19 to be exact.  I think it must have taken me at least 10 minutes just to come to terms with being still.  If you move you get stabbed.  Bad plan.   After that I let it all go.  I stopped thinking about work and boys and what I should eat for dinner.  I let my mind wonder, any thought that had to do with nothing important was allowed.  It was like waking dreams.  I was swimming in the ocean with stingrays and whale sharks.  It was amazing.  I didnt need to continue over analyzing life.  Very freeing.  Afterwards there was after glow.  Not like a massage where you are groggy but a calm feeling.  The second time I had 20 needles and it was about the same as the first go around. The third time was the most outrageous!  I had 30 needles, mostly in my spine like a stegosaurus.  I felt kinda bad cause I kept laughing.  My back is SUPER ticklish.   After all the needles were placed she brushed then 4 times to move the thoughts out of my head and down to my feet.  It felt like teeny tiny back tickles, it may have been my favorite part!  This treatment was for insomnia and it must have worked cause I fell asleep on the table.  How does that happen?  Ever since I have been sleeping much better!  All I want to do is nap and with these naps I sleep!  Not just lay there wishing for sleep!  I told Melissa I wasnt sure this was better than not sleeping, but she said I was just paying off my sleep debt for all the years of not sleeping!  Love that girl!

Have you every wanted to try acupuncture?

Current Song:  Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans
Netflix:  Supernatural, I am in heart with Dean...
Missing Items:  Glasses, but I found them in my purse...  Must have dropped them in there before a nap.  Lucky they didnt break!
Fun Fact:  My blog on 100 birds was my 100th blog post!  What a kawinkidink...
Wishing:  I could play more Gauntlet.  But I am not sucked in...  I can totally handle video games in moderation..
Miles:  16/90
Birds:  8/100
heart you

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