Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WTF: Season Four of Felicity

this was not the intend post for today, please stay tuned for a special My Future Ex Boyfriend tomorrow...  But here is the crazy! I heart Netflix, known fact. I dont watch much tv, but I always have something playing on Netflix.  I watch shows super fast cause I let them play whenever I am in my room, one right after the other.  Currently I have been enjoying Felicity.  I remember watching some of it when it was on the air (but not past her chopping her hair off, sorry Keri...)  Not sure if you watched any of it but there is a huge twist in the last season!  HUGE!!!  I will explain.  Episode 17 of season four is called The Graduate.  It seems like the end of the series.  Everyone graduates and goes their separate ways...  I got teary.  Noel and Felicity saying goodbye?  Ouch!  Megan showing that she cares without yelling?  What?!  Ben figuring out at the end he is a moron and that he really loves her?  Perfect!  Then episode 18 starts....  Um what?  Didnt we end this.  Wrapped everything up in a nice shiny bow?  Nope guess not.  The episode starts out with a letter to Sally (Ps it made me miss Janine Gruffalo, should have kept her...), curly hair and a dorm room.  WTF.  Didnt we already do this?  Long story short Ben cheats on Felicity and she now wishes she had been with Noel since she slept with him.  So, duh, Megan casts a spell and Felicity time travels!  I kept hearing Seth Green from Robot Chicken say, "what a twist!"  I am so confused!  Am I watching Lost?  Are there going to be polar bears and ticker tape monsters?!  What gives J.J. Abrams?! Why must you mess up things I love?  Or maybe they were all dead to begin with?...  There are 5 episodes left and I not sure if I want to watch them...  I kinda like how it all ended...

Thank you for reading my crazy "rant"!

Best:  Dinner with my family, even Bruder was there!
Worst:  Work...  I feel like a whiny baby complaining about it, but its got me bummed these days!  Today I even considered running away.  All I would need is a zippy for Bob...
Productivity:  I feel very enthusiastic but lazy.  The mind is willing but the body drained, not weak.  
Miles:  Still 7, tomorrow

What is something crazy thing has happened to you today?

heart you

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  1. I'm glad you would take Bob with you. :) nothing too crazy today. Thank goodness!



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